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Inter-library loan service

Inter-library loan is a service for libraries as well as library patrons. It is needed when one particular document is not available in a library whose user wants it.

This department either serves as a focal point for libraries that want some document from our stocks, or as a service for registered users demanding document that we do not have. It does not matter where the document is located if it is inside Czech republic. But if no czech library has it we may still help you - ordering the item abroad. Please see conditions for Inter-library loan service. (Plase note - libraries outside Czech republic demanding documents should primarily contact clearing centre in the National library of Prag, but feel free to ask us at following address.)

Inter-library loan service (MVS).
For registered users of BBB Library:

Conditions for Inter-library loan service can be found [conditions and fees for inter-libray|here].

ILL department can be found on the second floor as the green arrow in the opposite picture indicates.

You may also contact us via e-mail, phone +420 572 551 250.

Dagmar Vaďurová