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Adult services department


Adult services department - books in the open stack.

Adult Service Department resides on the ground floor and offers users more than 70.000 books of various genres and fields of science. From philosophy, religion, science or technology, to hobbies or cookery books.

If the book you want is on loan, you may reserve it and as soon as it is checked-in we will give you a notice by phone, e-mail or short text message (SMS). A book that is not included in our stock can be ordered from other libraries in Czech republic or even abroad.

This department also has collections of English, French, German and Russian literature, but these are limited in scope (mostly fiction) and number. The major proportion of the stock contains czech works - many students found our collections extremely helpful because we have books on topics of Czech and world-renowned writers, reviews of their works and, of course, their books themselves.

The services of the library are automated; in the adults department you will find one central lending desk.

Are you looking for some book? Well, try to find it in our catalogue!

Want to become our user? Terms and charges can be found in our [Library users guidelines | Library users guidelines].

Enjoy it! ;-)

Dagmar Vaďurová