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Periodicals reading room

The right side of the reading room - the left one is about the same size. Located on the first floor. It is a nice, spacious and light, but not very quiet place. If you want to sleep, you had better go home. What can you find there?

The reference library - contains a number of encyclopaedia, dictionaries and fundamental works of all fields of science. These are not meant for borrowing, they are intended for a study of attendance.

Reading Room subscribes to about 160 titles of periodicals: daily newspapers, local papers, entertaining magazines and scientific journals. To list some of them: Reflex, Instinkt, Cinema and also technical titles, e. g. Chip, Fotografie or Letectví a kosmonautika. Do you want to read something in english, french, or german? Look at Schöner Wohnen, Vôtre Maison, Newsweek, Time, Stern or National Geographic. See List of Periodicals

You can borrow all issues for two weeks, except the last issue that can not be checked out during the first week after arrival.

We provide our users with photocopy service. They can use also eight computers available to the public. The first seven offer INTERNET FREE OF CHARGE for the enrolled users over 15. The second computer enables you to search through the library catalogues, look up information in bus as well as train timetables, or study electronic version of the Digest of the Laws of the Czech republic (ASPI). You can also ask to use any of multimedia CD ROMs which are available in the library.

The reading-room staff have been working on a periodical database. In the database, which at the moment counts about 30.000 records, you can look for an article of a theme that interests you. Feel free to work with it.

And because "Reading room" is by far the biggest place inside library, various meetings and events take place there. For review of the activities see page What‘s new.

Which journals does the library subscribe to? Have a look at the list!

Want to become a user of our Reading Room? For terms and charges consult the Library users guidelines.