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Fees and fines


Annual membership fee
adults 100,- CZK
seniors, students 60,- CZK
children 30,- CZK
Services fee
Book reservation 5,- CZK
Interlibrary loan fee according to postage rates
Print (page A4) 2,- CZK
Print (page A3) 4,- CZK
Using Internet free for lib. users
Copy (page A4) 1,50 CZK
Copy (page A3) 3,- CZK
Fines and compensations for damage
Replacing lost or damaged library card 30,- CZK
Damaging a document (according to extent) 10 to 50,- CZK
Damaging a bar code in a book or a periodical 10,- CZK
Loss of the document document value according II/8 Library users guidelines
Overdues (i.e. fee for each of the document plus overdue)
for each document 5,- CZK
1st. overdue reminder 5,- CZK
2nd overdue reminder 10,- CZK
3rd overdue reminder 20,- CZK
Registered overdue letter 50,- CZK
Advocatory overdue letter 100,- CZK