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Library users guidelines

I. General statement

1. Bedřich Beneš Buchlovan Library is a focal point in the educational and cultural life of the region. The Library acquires and organizes information and ideas so as to meet the educational, cultural and recreational needs of adults and children in the community.

2. The Library offers a broad range of books, periodials and other documents, as well as bibliographic assistance, photocopying services and interlibrary loans.

3. Fees and fines associated with the Library services are listed in the Part 3 of these guidelines.

4. Hours of public service are displayed at the entrance. The Library adheres to the posted schedule, except for holidays or emergencies, which may require closing.

5. Any Czech Republic citizen (other nationals possible), 15 years of age or older, who resides, works or attends school in the region of Uherské Hradiště is eligible for a BBB Library borrower´s card. To apply for a card, adults must present a current identification card. Non-residents must provide a temporary address approved by local authorities, other nationals are requested to produce residence permit.

6. Children, 14 years of age or younger, can obtain a library card only with parental consent which is confirmed by their signature on the child´s registration form.

7. Compliance with library guidelines is asserted by the applicant´s signature on the registration form. The bar-code card is automatically renewed by paying the appropriate annual fee. Library cards are non-transferable.

8. All visitors are expected to:

a/ let the Library know immediately if name, address or telephone number is changed

b/ announce immediately the loss of the library card

c/ present identification upon request

d/ inform the Library about any serious contagious disease in the family and arrange for the books to be disinfected

e/ use the cloakroom

9. Anyone who violates given regulations or in any other way disturbs visitor or a member of the staff will be told to leave the Library. Willful or continued violations may result in a person being barred from the Library.

II. Lending regulations

1. The card holders are responsible for all materials checked out on their cards. A maximum of ten items may be borrowed by a library user at one time. It is prohibited to lend these materials to anybody else.

2. On entering the Library all visitors are requested to leave their library cards with the staff at the check-out desk.

3. Books from the Reference Library and the Local Collection as well as current issues of periodicals are for reference use only and cannot be taken from the Library. Exceptions may be made in certain circumstances.

4. Books and periodicals can be reserved by filling out a reserve card and paying the appropriate fee. Reservations are dealt with in a chronological order.

5. Books are borrowed for 1 month, periodicals and other special materials are due back in 1 week. A document can be renewed (at most twice) for another period if no one else is waiting for it. In such case the Library may shorten the borrowing period.

6. Library users are required to take good care of the library materials and report immediately any damaged or lost materials to library staff.

7. If material is not returned by the date it is due, first there is an oral reminder to do so as soon as possible. Only the second and further reminders (after at least 2 months) are posted. Anyone who ignores these instructions is liable to prosecution.

8. Library users are responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged materials. Please note that the same title or photocopy is preferred to financial replacement.

9. No one is allowed to eat, drink, smoke, bring animals or use mobile phones in the Library.

10. Library users, 15 years of age or older, have access to the Internet. The Library is not responsible for information resources available on the Internet.

11. Rules for borrowing audiovisual documents are set in separate Audio Department Guidelines which does not apply to Children Department audiobooks. These serve preferrably to children with reading disabilities and handicapped and can be borrowed for 2 weeks, free of charge.

13. Rules for borrowing books-on-tape are set in separate Audiobook Guidelines.