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Night with Andersen 2002

At year 2002 Children Department of the library prepared on occasion of International Children's Book Day and birthday of Hans Christian Andersen a for the third time Night in the Library.

Noc s Andersenem

Noc s Andersenem

Noc s Andersenem

It is 4 a.m., and in the loft of the children's kingdom, among the sleeping kids we still can hear the voices of the little ones who seem to be determined to stay up until the morning. Not even the night of magic - and it really was a magical night in our town of Uherské Hradiště - could not send them into the realm of dreams … A magician with his astonishing tricks could not help. Kids did not get tired by a night downtown walk we did with a purpose - we have been searching for the lost local tales with the children for two months. Our guard - a historian from the regional museum, tells the renowned stories on the spots they happened. And one of the stories was brought back to life that night. A real coach dragged by two horses appeared on the square, circled the Plague column, kids got on board and were brought back to the library.

We had program prepared - literary and virtual competitions, prepared by the journalists from children magazine Mateřídouška. There was some chatting, but first of all, children listened to fairy tales read by actors from the local theatre, the journey of courage was taken at midnight through the darkened synagogue with another legend character - the mysterious Jew who is said to walk through our library every midnight.

In the morning, we find a while to sit at the computer and we read all incoming mail - there is over 200 messages. Tonight, we are in touch with seven "sleeping" libraries thanks to Andersen conference. Last year we tested the experience sharing over the internet for the first time during The Night with Andersen. This undertaking, organized by the Club of children libraries promotes systematic reading, celebrates the International children book day and it takes place in March - the month of internet. Internet helped us with mutual communication in preparation of competitions, quizzes and programs in individual libraries in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. And so we know what was happening in every single place. There were various fairy characters in the libraries; children wrote a poem together, there was a discotheque, theater and singing. Fairy tales were omnipresent. And we are especially happy that several hundred adults got together and helped the children to find the beauty of the written word and loud reading. In the contemporary world full of computers, TV, and other allurements, when many lament about the percentage of those who do not read, we find these numbers quite encouraging …

P.S.: It is 5 am, the birds start to sing, and our kids finally fall asleep … We try to put together a few verses, cook hot chocolate, slice some cakes and go to work. It is Saturday 8 a.m. and we open the library for the public, thinking how many libraries will change into hostels the next year.