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Audiobooks guidelines

1. A special collection of books-on-tape contains both fiction and non-fiction. These books are available for the library users with a visual handicap only, therefore it is necessary for these applicants to present a medical report.

2. Books-on-tape can be borrowed for 4 weeks and can be renewed by phone or post. Returned tapes must be rewound to the beginning of side A.

3. Books-on-tape users are asked to take good care of materials and report any damage to the tapes. Borrowers should not under any circumstances repair damaged materials.

4. The Library claims no replacement for unintentionally damaged tapes. If by gross negligence books-on-tape are damaged or lost, the Library demands material replacement.

5. It is prohibited to lend books-on-tape to anyone else without the Library´s permission.

6. Books-on-tape may not be duplicated in any way.

7. Books-on-tape can be posted and delivered free of charge.

8. Hours of public service: Monday to Friday 9–18, Wednesday 12-16.