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Audiobooks for blind and visually impaired

In 1998 the audio library for the blind and visually impaired was put into operation. The library is made up by audiobooks - books recorded on tapes under the auspices of famous actors and actresses. Therefore it is not only the literary value, but also dramatization that makes of this collection quite worthy and requested resource.

Acquisition is cooperated with the Library for the Blind and K. E. Macan Printing-house in Prague and that's why this collection serves exclusively to the blind and visually impaired, free of charge.

What audiobooks you can find here? Go through our catalogue!

Are you interested in the audiobooks? For terms consult the Audiobooks Guidelines.

There are about 800 titles of the audiobooks in the stock at the moment. Every book might be recorded on 8 tapes on the average and the audio library thus counts about 6.400 tapes.

Dagmar Vaďurová