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Children's Service Department

is the children's kingdom in the building loft, facing all cardinal points. You climb up the round staircase and you find yourself among beams, wooden steps and ship ropes. Children love playing hide and seek in all levels of the department. Yet it is the little loft they like the most - the room for reading, talking and lounging, under the top of the roof.

Children's kingdom

The children's department offers its readers (not restricted to children) approximately 20 thousand books. For small infants we have folders and picture books. For young readers books are color labeled, so they can easily tell fairytales apart from books on children or animals. (by the way, books for children are guarded by the big witch and she is old enough not to fly to other departments). On the opposite side of small childrens' there are adventure books, fantasy, sci-fi and romantic stories for older children.

Lower level of the children's realm.

Reference books and encyclopedic literature has its own section. Poetry and foreign language reading is not missing either.

Among the favorite children's magazines we offer are Sluníčko, Mateřídouška, Čtyřlístek, ABC, Bobří stopou, Nezbeda, Světem zvířat, ProHockey, ...; we also have foreign magazines - English Kid, German Freunde and French L´Amitié

Free internet access and searching in multimedia encyclopedias on CD-ROMs lures ever more children into the library.

Since March 2000, children's department offers sound reading book. It consists of 573 CDs and cassettes (as to 17th September 2004), containing popular books in sound format. It is available to everybody, but especially to dyslexic and handicapped children. Contains numerous popular children's books, such as Maxipes Fík, Včelí medvídci, Bob a Bobek or Pooh. All books are available for 2 weeks, free for children (because of grants we got), adults have to pay standard CD fees.

Morning hours in the children's kingdom belong to elementary school classes. We introduce children to the world of books and literature, showing them the beauty of written word and trying to arouse their interest in systematic reading. We also offer morning writer-reader meetings and IT classes focusing on various topics.

To increase the interest of children in reading, we organize regular meetings between children and writers, literary and painting competitions, young programmers competition Webík, and we traditionally participate in Bambiriáda fest and other activities. In the Library week, we organize lampoon parades Setkání broučků , small festival Hradišťské sluníčko at the end of school year and the [night with andersen | Night with Andersen] to celebrate the international day of children's books. (see some pictures in a Photogallery

Ooops... one should not forget that we participate in all activities of Children's book library club SKIP (we took part in its creation :)))

Come and play, you will see

Info about our latest actions is in the section called What's new .

Information about courses and readings for children is in the section Our services » Services » For children and teachers...

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Do you want to be a member? Children under 15 do not need to pay for anything but a library card (and that is cheap). For conditions and fees see [library guidelines | Library guidelines] .

Mirka Čápová, Hanka Hanáčková