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Local collections department

Uherské Hradiště in 1930.

Local Collections Department gathers documents connected with the region of Uherské Hradiště. You can find information concerning folklore, folk customs, the history as well as the present of towns and villages of the region, historical and technical monuments, places of interest in the countryside and local personalities. If you are interested in local talks or if you want to read the books written in your home town or inspired by it, visit the Local Collections Department. If you want to read and think about the life of our people, visit us too.

The department offers journals published in Uherské Hradiště district, ethnographic journals covering Moravian Slovakia and southern Moravia and local newsletters. The data of the journals are continually proceeded by staff of the department and this database counts about 22.000 records.

If you are interested, try to search in our database REGION .

The Local Collections Department also prepares for publication Calendar of regional personalities that commemorates life‘s anniversaries of important people of Uherské Hradiště district, biographical profiles of local writers and excerpts from their works. You can get the publication in the department free of charge!

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