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Bedřich Beneš Buchlovan


Bedřich Beneš Buchlovan

Bedřich Beneš Buchlovan

born 21 April 1885 in Tučapy

died 9 September 1953 in Uherské Hradiště

a writer, poet, translator, bibliophile, librarian and local historian

He was born Bedřich Beneš in Tučapy in the family of a teacher and also he decided to devote himself to that occupation. He moved to Uherské Hradiště in 1918 and took a path of a teacher at council school. Since the year of 1926 he worked as a town librarian as well.

He started his writer‘s career as a poet in 1907, then he directed his attention at books for children. His stories draw on the life of villages and towns of Moravian Slovakia, his marionette plays on the motifs of both folk poetry and the world‘s greatest dramas. For adults he published collection of stories titled Ožehnutí (Singeing), Sedm očí naproti (Facing seven eyes) and Podívat se do Bylan (To drop in Bylany). He wrote about 70 fiction works, 20 professional books, several translations from German and Polish and edited 10 magazines. In a number of his books he dealt with the local history and geography of Uherské Hradiště region; some of them are widely read up to the present day, e. g. Buchlovská knížka (Book of Buchlov) - tales connected with Buchlov castle and its vicinity, picturesque guide-book Putovník po hradišťském Slovácku (Wayfarer about Moravian Slovakia), Literární slovníček uherskohradišťského okresu (Literary dictionary of the district of Uherské Hradiště) and Vlastivědné čtení z pověstí hradišťského okresu (Local history course on tales of Uherské Hradiště district).

He devoted his life entirely to books; he was an enthusiastic bibliophile, he went in for editing and graphic art, collected ex-libris, edited Bibliofil (Bibliophile magazine) and prepared for publication a number of bibliophile prints. He worked as a town librarian from 1926 to 1940 and 1945-1953. He enhanced the role of library as a cultural centre and was trying to bring to literature especially young people. Uherské Hradiště library paid tribute to him on his efforts and from 1992 it functions under the name of Bedřich Beneš Buchlovan library.