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Usefull overviews and databases from different fields

State information system of the Czech Republic
president, government, ministries, other central offices, district councils, city councils
Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic
Czech company register
Czech Standards Institute
Czech standards, searching, on-line ordering
Centre for Higher Education Research
all Czech universities, database of all subjects on their curriculums
Association of Czech Towns and Villages
database of all municipalities in the Czech Republic
Telephone directory of the Czech Republic
Czech Town Maps
high-quality maps of Czech towns
Czech Hydrometeorological Institute
weather forecast, air pollution monitoring, high water
Czech Railways
railway, services, timetable
Czech Press Agency
the latest news from the Czech Press Agency
E-mail server POST
e-mail accounts for free
ADAM - Youth Information System
children organiztions, events, anything to do with children and youths
e-version of many Czech forms to download and print